About us

We are the rocketry department of WARR, a German student group working on different topics of space flight. Since 1966 we develop hybrid engines and implement them in sounding rockets.
Check out the video of our last test campaign and come on board to the project cryosphere.

Cryosphere Project


Hybrid Rocket Engines

Hybrid rocket engines combine a solid fuel block with a liquid oxidizer. This way we can add up the advantages of both systems. In cryosphere we are using a solid HTPB fuel block and liquid oxygen as oxidizer.

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At the moment we develop our third modern hybrid rocket the WARR Ex-3. Its predecessor the WARR Ex-2 was already launched in 2015. It was propelled by HTPB and nitrous oxide.

It was WARR's first supersonic rocket and provided essential know-how for the current development of our first cryogenic hybrid rocket

Check out the WARR Ex 2 Launch